Behind the scenes

This is a behind the scenes story about my newest project to be released soon somewhere on the www. I call it “High Plains Drifters – The Creature Feature”. So after reading the first sentence if you still give a shit, here’s the story.

 One day I watched Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter, & had a dumb idea that it would be cool to do a mock of the original movie trailer into some kind of skateboard video thingy. A few months goes by and I was talking shit with Stu Graham about the idea of him coming to the high plains for a visit. After all they did just legalize weed, and Team Pain was creating some of the best skateparks in the world.

 So Stu organized a trip a few weeks later with Peter Hewitt, & now Creature pro Willis Kimbel to check out the Colorado territory. So you know how road trips go ya drive a shit ton, camp wherever, skate, drink and smoke your ass off but never really document it some way or if you do nothing happens with it. Cool this time I will catch some clips and see what comes of it? And sometimes you receive a last minute guests, this time it was Joe Hammeke of Thrasher.

 Classic! I love it when a plan comes together, now you have 3 Pro Skateboarders, a video dude, and a photographer. No tour buses, no airport shit, no stupid schedules, just load up in the rig hit some truck stops and see what happens next. So the boys saddled up and made their way east.

 After a day to shake off the road proper breakfast from The Egg & I and a little help from, provisions were acquired and we set out for Ft.Collins, to the Northside D.I.Y skatepark, and Horsetooth Skatepark for a warm up session before the backyard bowl madness begins in the next couple days.

 Off the the Denver area to be exact the new Arvada skatepark, to link up with Wrex Cook. Man was this park insane every thing was massive, like a scene from Jurassic Park. Good thing we brought the #happyogre and after a short skate and help from a little rain, we moved on over to Whiskey Tee’s. The local yokels pleasantly greeted us with reefer & beers to get the mood right, and after a few the session started to heat up. To see Peter Hewitt session a backyard pool is amazing, his methodical approach to lines, the speed & uncanny angles he hits corners has to be witnessed in real life. Stu sat on the sidelines after a beefy slam and a bad case of altitude sickness. Willis stepped and threw some hammers down on Whiskey’s bowl till the darkness set in and the hunger pains moved us to greener pastures.

 Finally we made it to Lindsey’s, Wow! what a spot, the infamous dual purpose swim & skate design. The plaster was as sweet as a babys ass but unforgiving as the hangmans noose. Stu had his redemption not a piece of coping was laid untouched by his Indy’s. Like a locomotive speeding on the tracks Pedro kept laying down the lines well into the sunset. Willis did his thing, smashing moves like a pro with style and ease, but the knee slapper in this session was a kickflip 50/50! 

So Stay Tuned, Subscribe, and Aim to see this video.

My Goal

 My goal, dream, ambition, or whatever you want to call it, is to facilitate a modest career that involves travel, skateboarding, music, food, promotional events and media productions one day.
 Now how I am going to achieve that is another question, to be honest I really don’t know how to do it without your help. So thats why I am promoting my view to a broader audience through and other social media Web Fodder campains.
 Now I am not asking you the general viewer for any money, or some outrageous favor. There is other people to help with that. But what I want is only your time and very little of it. Nowadays it is getting easier to support another person in there ventures with the technological wonders of the 21st century. The world wide web, smartphones, tablets, apps help us do that.
 Some or maybe many of you say “Why should I help you?” Simple for these guys I seen today out front of my house. They would love to see another skateboard video.

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