Div Adam

The Ginger Army General himself Div Adam lurks into Amsterdam & stops by the skatepark for a wee session, before its demise in 2014. See Div futer around & execute his signature the “handbrake”. So if you give a shit and want to know  more, here is the situation report on the back end of this story. Amsterdam has gone through some big changes in the last couple years, and the government has implemented its Degentrification plans for the “progress” & “development”  of the city.

In Layman’s terms this means what made Amsterdam a unique, free, fun, exciting, and creative city is now vanishing by the systematic closing of coffeshops, evicting rightful tenants from affordable housing for commercial advances, a system of laws, rules, & regulations full of conundrums governed by a right wing political party, ect.

The Amsterdam government and its complete lack of support & empathy only to sell out to the highest bidder has created a ripple effect and is being felt by many but the hardest blow was to Amsterdammers. One of its first victims was skateboarding and the closing of our local Skatepark Amsterdam.

I am fortunate and have had the pleasure to spend many hours at the skatepark and with Div’s help & the evil genius of Maloki we created this video as a testament to the “Goede tijden, Slechte tijden.”  & injustice we share as a skateboard community. So go out there and Support Your Local LurkersYour Local Skate shops, & Your Local Skatepark builder.