El Chupanibre

  • El Chupanibre is the theme for this issue of Web Fodder #8. It spotlights what happens when a random meeting takes place at Abraxas coffeeshop in Amsterdam with Jeronimo Martins. After the introduction ceremonies with the devil’s lettuce we proceeded to show him around town.
  • Good things always happen in threes right, well that was the circumstances  when we hit up the infamous Marnix Bowl. There Jerónimo seen fellow Argentine homies Javier Aballay & José Alzugaray! What a coincidence that the Chilaw Crew & Jero Pa decided to visit ADam after meeting in Barcelona, Spain the previous week with no planning involved.   What a small fuckin world skateboarding is! So after a few runs at the Marnix bowl to shake off the excitement, we decided to show the guys a hidden little gem in the hood  to top the day off with a fun session at a place we like to call “Yellow”.
  • Special Thanks to Maloki for the Hesh Ass tunes! Courtesy of Basserk Records.